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China takes the lead – imperialists hold back

by New Worker correspondent

WITH COUNTRIES stepping up the fight against COVID‑19 in an effort to stave off a fourth wave of the pandemic, vaccination has become the top priority.

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Robbing Peter to pay Paul

by New Worker correspondent

TUESDAY afternoon saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson announce in the House of Commons a scheme which he claimed would resolve the UK’s long-running social care crisis. He even quoted Karl Marx, by saying that the burden of the increased tax based on an increase in National Insurance for his 'health and social care levy' would be based on the 'from each according to his ability' to pay more tax, stressing that the planned increase would also apply to income from dividends. The Daily Telegraph was furious at Johnson breaking a manifesto promise not to raise taxes, which promptly saw them proffer advice on how to avoid the increase.

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Crimes at sea

REVIEW by Ben Soton

UNDERWATER adventure is a genre that’s been around for over 150 years. Jules Verne kicked it off in 1869 with Captain Nemo and his Nautilus in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas and hundreds of books, films and documentaries have followed set in both World Wars, the Cold War, and fantasy and science fiction scenarios.

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Johnson’s new tax is grossly unfair to workers

BORIS JOHNSON was back on form this week, fending off a backbench revolt over his plan to raise National Insurance rates to help the health service and social care for the elderly whilst at the same time mocking the ineffectual Labour opposition that takes its lead from the utterly useless Sir Keir Starmer.

Johnson’s new tax is grossly unfair to working people and it will raise nowhere near enough to address the current problems of the care home community.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is calling for a “National Care Service” for all, funded by progressive taxation, including a wealth tax, whilst Richard Burgon from the Corbynista camp spelt out the demand for a 10 per cent tithe on the super-rich – those with assets over £100 million – that could raise £69 billion to deal with the funding crisis.

Even Dame Margaret Hodge, the Blairite MP for Barking, said Johnson was ignoring a “raft of better alternatives” including raising income tax or dividend tax. Starmer, however, confined himself to the usual platitudes, accusing the Tories of “putting their rich mates and donors before working people” whilst avoiding making any concrete counter-proposals.

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