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US to pull the plug on Saudi war in Yemen

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

YEMEN’S Houthi militia has launched a new offensive to drive Saudi-backed forces out of their last remaining footholds in northern Yemen. The Houthis are maintaining their relentless drone and missile attacks on Saudi air-bases and oil installations whilst the Saudi air-force continues its indiscriminate bombing in the north. The Saudi defence has been undermined by the withdrawal of the USA’s Patriot missile systems, however, and the southern puppet regime has been rocked by mass protests against food shortages and galloping inflation

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At the TUC

by New Worker correspondent

ON MONDAY morning the Press Gazette, the online trade paper for journalists, published a diary for the week 13–19 September to alert reporters to what stories they should be covering. It included a United Nations debate of Afghanistan, a court case involving Prince Andrew, a possible row about the amount of time to be devoted to a Commons debate on the Health and Social Care Bill, and the launch of a new mobile phone by Apple. It even included the Liberal Democrats’ conference – but omitted the annual conference of the Trades Union Congress, which took place online between Sunday and Tuesday.

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A Test for Peace

LAST weekend Democratic Korea announced it had successfully tested cruise missiles capable of hitting targets located about 1,500 kilometres away. These “strategic weapons of great significance” are part of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK’s) modern arsenal developed to counter any threat from US imperialism in the future.

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A petty move against China

China’s new ambassador Zheng Zeguang was banned from entering Parliament in response to the Chinese government’s decision to impose sanctions against a number of anti-Chinese peers and MPs.

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