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Russian Communists protest elections

by New Worker correspondent

RUSSIA’S COMMUNISTS rallied in Moscow on Monday evening for a massive protest in Pushkin Square challenging the results of parliamentary elections that saw Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party retain its grip on power.

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All in the air

by New Worker correspondent

AVIATION is one of Britain’s major industries.

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Capitalism on a Ventilator

REVIEW by Tony Murphy

AS THE Delta variant rages through the USA, a major Chinese publisher has signed a contract to distribute a timely book comparing COVID‑19 responses in the countries’ two systems: capitalism and socialism.

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  • Capitalism on a Ventilator
  • Editorial

    For a democratic Labour Party

    LABOUR MOVEMENT elections, like those of the bourgeois parliament Labour’s leaders have consistently upheld, were historically designed so that the smallest number of people could manipulate the largest number of votes. The old block-vote system was based on the principle that those who paid the most in membership affiliation fees got the most votes. Whilst this did put enormous power into the hands of faction chiefs, it did allow the activist rank-and-file a say in mandating their representatives. But even this was too much for Labour’s MPs, who simply elected their leader from amongst themselves in much the same way as the Conservatives and Liberals in the “mother of all parliaments”. Although the unions carried considerable sway at the annual Labour Party conference, this forum was in practice reduced to an advisory committee and their collective decisions could be, and indeed were, often ignored by the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

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