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The Fighting Fund

The September fighting fund appeal ended last week but sadly there was no last minute surge to take us over our £3,500 target. With £600 in the bag the grand total for the month came to £2,933 leaving us with a shortfall of £567. But we live to fight another day and we can only call on our supporters, old and new, to redouble our efforts in October to hit our target.

Comrades are back on the streets with our paper in London. The New Worker is back on the shelves of independent bookshops in London and Liverpool and two libraries in East Anglia have resumed taking the paper. We’re slowly getting back to where we were before the lockdowns. But we need money to keep our suppliers sweet and keep our presses rolling. We are the only communist weekly in Britain and every pound goes to guaranteeing our survival and building up the readership of the New Worker. You can help. Keep up the fight! Build the circulation of the New Worker!

Every pound counts. Please send your donations to: