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Pandora’s Box: London’s billionaires playground

by New Worker correspondent

A DOSSIER of more than 11.9 million confidential files, the Pandora Papers, published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on Sunday, sheds light on the alleged shadow financial schemes and offshore activities of hundreds of political figures from across the globe.

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On the health front

by New Worker correspondent

IN THE NHS and local government industrial action is also on the cards. Ninety per cent of Unite members voted on a 25 per cent turnout in NHS England to reject what it calls the government’s “grossly inadequate” three per cent pay award for this year. This compares with a 4.8 RPI inflation rate and so means a pay cut, a situation which has been going on for the last 11 years of Tory rule. For some workers this has meant a 19 per cent fall in real pay, which just goes to show that claps on the doorstep do not pay the bills. The offer falls far short of Unite’s demand for a £3,000 per year rise or 15 per cent, whichever is greater, for all health sector workers.

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They did not pass!

by New Worker correspondent

COMRADES were out on Sunday to mark the day the fascists were stopped in their tracks in London. On 4th October 1936 hundreds of thousands of workers took to the streets to stop Sir Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts marching through the Jewish quarter in the East End of London. And last Sunday former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute to those who put up barricades and battled with the police to stop Mosley’s thugs in what soon became known as the 'Battle of Cable Street'.

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A Marxist view from India

Review by Robin McGregor

THE TWICE-YEARLY Indian Marxist-Leninist journal is making a recovery from a COVID‑19-induced interruption to publication. The last printed issue was Vol 25(1) for October 2019. Another Vol 25(2) for April 2020 was prepared for the press but remained unprinted, although its contents can be read on the Revolutionary Democracy website.

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Crisis? What crisis?

EMPTY SHELVES in the supermarkets and soaring energy prices.Motorists fuming in queues for fuel at petrol stations struggling to remain open as supplies run out due to a shortage of drivers in the haulage industry. In other times this would be an open goal for Labour to hammer the Tories. Now the totally useless leader of the Labour Party can barely turn away from his relentless purge of the Corbynistas to utter the usual platitudes that nobody listens to these days.

No wonder the Tories are basking in complacency at their annual conference in Manchester. Boris Johnson struts the stage, drivelling on about his “mission” to decrease geographical inequalities and defending “our history” from “cancel culture iconoclasm” in a rambling speech that made no mention of the rising cost of living or the supply-chain crisis.

But you’d think Johnson was a second Cicero judging from the applause of his followers who laugh at his sixth-form jibes at Starmer – the “Captain Hindsight” who resembles a “seriously rattled bus conductor” – and eagerly lap up talk about unleashing the potential of all Britons in the spirit of Olympians or the England football team.

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