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Bad news on the doorstep

RISING prices, logjams at the ports, uncertainty on the jobs market and a damning report on the Government’s mishandling of the Covid crisis. Boris Johnson has, predictably, crept off to sun himself in Spain to avoid the flak. Not that there’s much of it these days.

What little opposition there is to Johnson is limited to some columnists in the bourgeois press and the backstabbers in his own party. Starmer confines himself to ritual jousts with Johnson in Parliament whilst his party sinks into a morass of its own making over the Blairite drive to boot out all the remaining Corbynistas from Labour’s ranks.

Johnson says his government is going to “level up” society with a “high-wage high skill” and “low tax economy”, which he claims the capitalist market can deliver. But only where there is a clear labour shortage such as the current need for more lorry drivers and the dearth of fruit pickers due to the end of cheap labour from the European Union.

Pay rises are rarely the gift of the employer. They have to be won by unions determined to fight for their members’ interests and not those of their own bureaucracies whose only interest is to advance their own careers and pump up their own juicy pension pots.

Johnson and Starmer both foster the illusion that we are all in it together, but we’re not. Workers don’t have a stake in capitalism not do they benefit from some trickle-down effect.

All we get from the capitalist table is the crumbs and that’s all we’re ever going to get whilst capitalism survives. It is either us or them, the workers or the bosses. The alternative to workers’ power is a festering morass of exploitation of working people and the environment, racial and communal strife, rapid growth in crime, drug trafficking, violence and conflict, from local to international levels. The capitalists must not be allowed to destroy society; it is they who must be supplanted.

Until such time as socialism replaces capitalism, there needs to be a continuous political struggle to defend and improve social services and benefits. In tandem with this struggle, there must be a collective industrial struggle for better wages and working conditions that takes on the capitalist class head on.