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Sleep-walking into a deadly winter?

by New Worker correspondent

THE JOHNSON GOVERNMENT risks “sleep-walking into another deadly winter”, Labour MP Richard Burgon warned this week following figures that show Britain has seen the highest daily Covid death-toll since March. On Tuesday, the government reported 223 more coronavirus deaths, which is the highest daily-reported figure in seven months. The number of new COVID‑19 cases recorded in the latest 24-hour period stood at 43,738 and the total death-toll now stands at 138,629.

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Action on homelessness in London

by New Worker correspondent

KENSINGTON campaigners were out on the streets of West London last weekend protesting outside a monstrous luxury development where the vast majority of flats remain empty six years after its completion.

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Our land – our precious resource

by John Maryon

AS A VITAL part of the earth’s biosphere, the land we live on, along with the air we breathe and the water we drink, are basic for the survival of life, including our own. One of Lenin’s first decrees was to abolish the private ownership of land in the countryside and to redistribute it from the church and aristocracy to the peasants. Land is too precious to be regarded as a tradeable asset for speculation or to form a basis for the accumulation of wealth. All land should belong to the people under common ownership as their birth-right.

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For a United Ireland

ALTHOUGH Northern Ireland dropped from the headlines this week, the deepening row with the European Union over the future status of the occupied north continues to simmer as the Johnson government considers the latest compromise offer from Brussels.

In December, the UK and the EU reached an agreement on specific trade arrangements for Northern Ireland, including the implementation of a new Irish Sea border and post-Brexit border checks and trading rules for Northern Ireland. Now Johnson tells us he’s going to “fix” these post-Brexit rules that are disrupting Britain’s goods trade with Northern Ireland, whilst his minions say that the latest offer from the EU to slash regulatory checks and dramatically cut customs processes on British goods moving to northern Ireland isn’t enough.

This is because the Johnson Government wants to go far beyond the confines of trade to rewrite the whole post-Brexit agreement with Brussels.

Johnson’s demands range from stripping EU judges of power over Northern Ireland to the somewhat ludicrous call from their own backbenchers to scrap metrification and restore Imperial measurements in what they still regard as a “province” of Britain.

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