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The Fighting Fund

Another £715 into the pot has pushed the fighting fund up to £1,827 thanks to supporters around the country including an old Essex friend who sent in £35 and another from Ilford who gave us £50. A Dunstable supporter topped up her sub renewal with a tenner and we got another from a regular contributor in Cornwall. An old comrade from Sid French’s days gave us £100 and we collected £110 at a New Worker meeting in London last week. The fighting fund for October now stands at £1,827 and we need £1,673 by the end of next week to hit our target for the month.

With Labour tottering under the dead hand of Starmer and the Blairites the communist answer to the slump must be heard. There is a way out of the crisis and we’ve got to do our best to fight for peace and socialism at home and abroad.

You can help. The fighting fund keeps the down the cost of our communist weekly and helps us keep our suppliers happy. We kept going throughout the lockdowns and we hope to carry on for years to come. But we can only do it with your support.

Every pound counts. Please send your donations to