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A decent living for all workers!

by New Worker correspondent

THE TORY Government unveiled its autumn budget this week with plans to create a new post-COVID‑19 economy. But whether Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s policies for modest increases in spending on transport and the health service fit the bill is another matter altogether.

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Army takeover in Sudan

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE Sudanese army kicked out the pro-imperialist government in Khartoum this week. The military were part of the transitional government that was formed after the former president, Field Marshal Omar al Bashir, was ousted in 2019. But on Monday they arrested Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and dissolved the government, claiming that recent developments in the country posed a danger to national security.

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Which way for Labour?

by New Worker correspondent

LOOKING at Labour following Brighton conference that didn’t go entirely one-way for Starmer was the topic for a New Worker meeting in London last week. This was the first physical public meeting since the lockdown began in the capital – the last one was at the Cock Tavern in Euston in January 2020. Sadly that venue is no longer available, but London comrades felt themselves at home at the nearby Chadswell Centre that’s frequently used for Korean solidarity meetings.

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Adult fun

Review by Ben Soton

RICHARD Osman, the television presenter and writer well-known as one of the public faces of the TV quiz show Pointless, has now made a name for himself as a crime writer.

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Democracy, accountability and freedom

DEMOCRACY, accountability and freedom are constantly on the lips of bourgeois propagandists as they attempt to put a human face upon what they laughingly call the “free world”. In reality, capitalism has always been far from free or democratic. Its great inequalities of wealth and opportunity and its brutal aggression and plunder along with permanent exploitation of the working class make it a selfish and corrupt system. A grossly unfair system that benefits the ruling class of parasites.

The ruling class, the industrialists, the capitalists and the big landowners, rejoiced when the counter-revolutions they had worked so long to achieve took place in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. They said socialism was finished and that history was dead. They told us that we were entering an era of new prosperity called the “Third Way”.

That all ended with the crash of 2008 and the never-ending slump that followed. Now it’s the new austerity that’s only just been eased to revive the economy in the post-Covid world.

Their politicians and their tame religious leaders preach about the superiority of the capitalist system, which they call freedom. But it’s freedom only for the exploiters to continue to rob and plunder working people across the globe to ensure that a tiny handful of parasites can live the lives of Roman emperors off the backs of the millions upon millions of workers.

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