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All gas and gaiters in Glasgow

BORIS JOHNSON has been strutting the stage with most, though not all, of the world’s leaders in Scotland’s second city for the UN Climate Change conference this week. But in the absence of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, the spotlight has inevitably focused on Joe Biden rather than the underlings who revolve around him like satellites basking in the reflected glory of the leader of the imperialist pack.

The imperialists had clearly hoped to divert attention from themselves by pinning the blame for global warming on Russia and China. But the Russian and Chinese leaders wisely decided not to take part in the jamboree in Glasgow this week, which has left the imperialists who pose as environmental activists for the benefit of their home crowds with only the Third World to blame for a crisis largely of their own making.

Biden bleats on about People’s China and Russia failing to show leadership on climate change. “It just is a gigantic issue and they walked away. How do you do that and claim to be able to have any leadership?” he tells the Western media that conveniently turn a blind eye to the fact that developed countries, even today, are the main culprits of CO2 emissions.

Blaming China and other developing countries for global warming is an old trick of the imperialists, who have polluted the environment for decades but now blame other countries for emitting too much greenhouse gases.

Over the last 50 years the developed countries, led by the USA, have contributed the overwhelming majority of emissions in their industrialisation. The West has the world’s highest per-capita greenhouse gas emissions. They transfer polluting companies to less-developed regions – but they continue to pin the blame for global warming on developing countries and have failed to fulfil their obligations.

Xie Zhenhua, the Chinese Special Envoy for Climate Change, noted on Tuesday in Glasgow that: “Rich nations made a significant pledge to channel $100 billion a year to less-wealthy nations by 2020 twelve years ago, and this hasn’t been fulfilled.”

The impact of global warming is being felt throughout the world and the climate now hangs in the balance as the Arctic ice is melting faster than before. Scientists monitoring global warming predict that higher temperatures could hasten the melting in Antarctica, the world’s largest repository of fresh water. The result of this would be to raise sea levels by about 57 metres – which would flood many coastal cities around the world and overwhelm many islands in the Pacific.

The imperialists must put their own house in order first whilst providing funds to the developing nations they’ve mercilessly exploited over the years, so that they can reduce greenhouse gases towards a climate plan based on their ability to pay, according to their level of responsibility in causing climate change.

Catastrophic climate change is not inevitable. The technologies that could dramatically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels already exist and have been proven to work.

There is no shortage of energy in the world, more development of wind, hydropower, tidal and solar power could provide enough energy for global needs.

Now real action is needed to put more pressure on governments to provide more funds and put in place meaningful policies to ensure that an environmental catastrophe does not happen.