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The Fighting Fund

This week’s mail brought in £1,065 for the fighting fund thanks to an Ipswich friend who donated £500 in memory of Alan Rogers, a Bristol comrade who gave us £50 and a north Londoner who transferred £15 via our PayPal account. All in all that gave us a grand total of £2,892 – a good effort though sadly £608 short of our £3,500 monthly target. Let’s see if we can make up for it in November!

Every penny we raise goes towards the maintenance of our print shop that keeps our presses rolling. Every pound is ploughed back into the fight for peace and socialism which the New Worker headlines every week – and has done so every week since 1977.

There is a way out of the crisis and it lies in the hands of the workers who keep our country going but receive only a miserable pittance back from the capitalists and land-owners who rule above us.

The time for change is long overdue but it can only happen when the millions embrace the communist ideal. We play a crucial part in that struggle and it revolves around the financial front that helps build the circulation of our communist weekly.

Every pound counts. Please send your donations to