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The Fighting Fund

The November appeal got off to a good start with a bumper fighting fund postbag that brought in £930 thanks to supporters all over the country, including a veteran Southall comrade who sent in £200 and another from Sheffield who donated £250. An Aberdare comrade gave us a score. So did another in Essex while an old friend from Brighton put an extra tenner on his sub renewal. We now need £2,570 to hit our target for the month.

We are slowly getting back on the road following the end of the lockdowns in most parts of the country and every pound goes to keeping our presses rolling and our campaigns for peace and socialism going.

All over the world people are struggling for real freedom and the right to live their own lives without having to slave for the imperialists and their local lackeys. We stand with them as we stand with the workers struggling against the austerity regime in their unions and on the streets of Britain today.

The financial front is a crucial part in that struggle. Every moment and every pound counts. Please send your donations to