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Taiwan is part of China

by New Worker correspondent

SPECULATION GROWS about Chinese-American crisis talks amidst growing tension over Taiwan, the breakaway Chinese province that once posed as the government of China but now threatens to proclaim itself an independent country – a move that could force Chinese military intervention.

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For peace on the Korean peninsula

by New Worker correspondent

KOREAN solidarity campaigners met at the NCP’s Party Centre in London last weekend for a seminar to discuss the prospects for peace on the Korean peninsula and the way forward for the solidarity campaign in Britain.

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Bristol’s ‘Wild’ West

Reviewed by Ben Soton

STEPHEN Merchant’s Bristol-based sit-com The Outlaws has now been running for the last few weeks on Monday nights. Merchant has been responsible for an array of comedies including: The Office, Extras and Small World.

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Tory sleaze no surprise

NO-ONE should be surprised at the current Tory sleaze scandals that are rocking the Westminster bubble these days. The Tories are, after all, the main representatives of the capitalist class in Britain, and corruption has always been the beating heart of capitalism itself. In Brecht’s imaginary city of Mahagonny the only crime was having no money at all. In British capitalism the only crime is getting caught.

In the old days, the landed gentry would look down on businessmen or indeed anyone else who actually worked for a living and claimed they “played the game” for the game’s sake and not for anything so venal as money. But it wasn’t true then and it certainly isn’t true now.

The real ethos of the public schools that teach those who are ‘born to rule’ how to behave is simply back-scratching, favours for favours, and ‘jobs for the boys’.

Although Boris Johnson has been under investigation by the standards authorities more often than any other serving politician in the last three years that, in itself, doesn’t mean much. The gold wall-paper and the venal lobbying pale into insignificance when compared with the Tory sleaze that finally sunk the Major government or the days of Lloyd George, when the “Welsh wizard” sold barrow-loads of titles and honours in the1920s to raise money for the Liberal Party.

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