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Can Biden be believed?

by New Worker correspondent

CHINESE and American leaders held a video summit this week that many hope will avert a disastrous new confrontation across the Pacific. US President Joe Biden told the Chinese side of his administration’s commitment to the US government’s long-standing one-China policy and stated that the USA does not support 'Taiwan independence'. He told the Chinese that the USA hopes to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait region and does not aim to change China’s system or enter a conflict with Beijing.

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Support the Weetabix strikers!

by New Worker correspondent

LONDON trade unionists were out leafleting and collecting for the Weetabix strikers outside Sainsbury’s on Kilburn High Road last week.

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Defending Cuba!

by New Worker correspondent

Cuba solidarity activists were on the streets of London last weekend to protest against the American blockade and confront provocations by Cuban émigrés and other agents of imperialism calling for increased sanctions and US action, including direct intervention.

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Comrade you have fallen. Take my hand!

by New Worker correspondent

AN IMPORTANT indicator of how caring and benevolent any society actually is, can be seen from the way in which it treats those with serious disabilities or suffering the anguish of mental illness. Those unfortunate men and women need extra loving care to enable them to lead as fuller life as possible and to live with dignity without financial worries. There should also be greater awareness that those who care for others need more support. In Britain today, however, essential services have been cut back and it has become increasingly difficult for those in need to qualify for support.

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Boris is in trouble

BORIS JOHNSON’S in trouble. Getting nowhere with Brussels over northern Ireland; under fire in the North Country for scrapping the HS2 Leeds extension; swamped with sleaze stories largely from his own camp – even the useless Keir Starmer is getting the better of him at Question Time in the Commons. No wonder Labour’s in the lead – the first for nearly a year – in the opinion polls.

The Prime Minister’s woes are, of course, largely of his own making. He surrounds himself with people lesser than himself and then expects them to resolve problems that even he can’t solve. His only asset has been a proven ability to get the Tory vote out when needed over Brexit and at the last general election.

Brexit was, undeniably, a remarkable achievement for the Tory leader who had to drive the grandees out of his own party during the post-referendum battles that brought down David Cameron and Theresa May. Victory, however, came at a high price. The grandees have never forgiven him for his churlish behaviour, nor have they abandoned their dreams of returning to the European Union. But the grandees aren’t the only ones.

Johnson staked everything on a Trump victory in the US elections. ‘Britain’s Trump’ believed that would lead to a ‘Treaty of Washington’ that would create an Anglo-American free trade arena which would replace the Treaty of Rome. But it didn’t happen – and it’s clearly not going to happen under Biden.

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