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Alarm bells over the Donbas

by Theo Russell

ALARM BELLS have been ringing in recent weeks over the threat of a new full-scale war in the Donbas, with senior US and British officials claiming Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. US intelligence officials have visited Brussels to warn NATO of “a short window of time to prevent Russia from taking military action in Ukraine”, and NATO members have broken another promise by sending increasing quantities of offensive weapons to Ukraine.

The Kiev puppet regime has deployed weapons banned under the Minsk-2 agreement, including attack drones, tanks, heavy artillery and rocket systems, against the anti-fascist Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

The Ukrainian army has intensified shelling of the Donbas republics, and Donetsk People’s Republic head Denis Pushilin warns that “we need to be ready for any eventuality”.

Last week Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Kiev had used Turkish Bayraktar strike drones and was threatening to use Javelin anti-tank missiles. Describing “a heavy mind-flow from the Ukrainian leadership generated by deranged and for this reason very dangerous minds”, he said Ukraine could “stage some provocation” and plunge the conflict “into a hot phase”.

Lavrov says a build-up of NATO ships and aircraft in the Black Sea has raised the threat of “military operations”. Russian leader Vladimir Putin said Western strategic bombers carrying “very serious weapons” are flying within 12.5 miles of Russia’s borders, and that Russian warnings about “red lines” were being ignored by NATO.

Claims of Russian troops gathering on Ukraine’s border in fact refer to forces near Yelnya, 170 miles from Ukraine. It is no surprise that, with the endless build-up of NATO forces and constant military exercises, air and sea patrols on Russia’s borders from the Baltic to the Black Sea, Russia has held its own military drills. But for NATO, Russian exercises anywhere on its own territory are regarded as a threat to Europe!

Meanwhile in Kiev Olexiy Reznik, a neo-Nazi who calls the Donbas rebels “a cancerous tumour on Ukraine’s body which needs to be surgically removed”, has been appointed as Defence Minister.

His top adviser is the infamous neo-Nazi Dmitry Yarosh, the former leader of the Right Sector that led the armed coup in Ukraine in February 2014. It is modelled on Nazi Germany’s Ukrainian collaborators who actively participated in the mass murder of Ukrainian Jews.

The British government says it is preparing to bolster its defence pact and sign a new arms deal. Last year Britain agreed to sell eight fast-attack ships to Ukraine, flew in 270 paratroopers from UK bases for military exercises, and sent the warship HMS Defender into Russian territorial waters.

Evidence has now emerged that Canadian, and possibly British, forces are training Ukrainian Nazis. Members of the Centuria battalion, who use Nazi salutes and praise Nazi SS units, have bragged about “co-operation with foreign colleagues” including those from the UK and Canada.

Dozens of fascist legions were incorporated into Ukraine’s National Guard in 2015, and the fact that Centuria members are now serving as Ukrainian army officers suggests they are being increasingly integrated into the regular armed forces.

Behind the recent hysteria around Belarus and Russia is Washington’s desperation to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The German Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper revealed recently that US diplomats had warned German colleagues of the danger of the outbreak of hostilities, suggesting the pipeline launch be postponed yet again.

NATO and Ukraine claim the pipeline is aimed at damaging Ukraine by stopping gas transits through Ukraine. This is ironic because the crooks and bandits in Kiev have stolen large volumes of Russian gas, and whilst claiming to be “at war with Russia” continued importing gas whilst begging Russia to reduce prices.

The whole world knows that Ukraine is the worst economic basket case of all the post-Soviet republics, and the most corrupt country in the whole of Europe.

The truth is that Ukraine has become the world epicentre of fascism and white supremacism, with networks across Europe and North America. The western mass media – and sadly many on the international left – turn their blind eye to this glaring reality. Shame on them!