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The Fighting Fund

This week’s post brought in £530 thanks to a Chiswick reader who put in an extra £50 with his sub renewal; another supporter from Sutton-in-Ashfield who sent in a score; a Carlisle contributor who topped his sub with a £30 donation and £30 from an old friend in Essex who never forgets the New Worker fighting fund. The November appeal now stands at £1,927 and we need £1,573 by the end of the month to hit our target.

Don’t forget the fund as we approach the season of goodwill. We are getting the paper back on the street and we need your help to do it. And if you want to ensure the upgrade of our printers and press send in that bit extra for the “special appeal”.

We play our part in the struggle for peace and socialism and fund-raising is a crucial part in that struggle. This is the time. Now is the hour. Please send your donations to: