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A disaster in the Channel

AT LEAST 31 refugees died trying to cross the English Channel from France to England when their dinghy sank off the northern coast of Calais last week. Boris Johnson said he was “was shocked and appalled and deeply sad by the loss of life”, and French president French President Emmanuel Macron said his country would not let the Channel become a cemetery.

But they only churn out these platitudes to absolve themselves from any responsibility for these needless deaths, by pinning the blame on criminal gangs that allegedly run an illicit trade in human trafficking.

In the past bourgeois politicians upheld the rights of defectors when they were used as political pawns during the Cold War. Tens of thousands of Poles and Ukrainians opposed to the socialist systems in their own countries were allowed to settle in Britain after the Second World War and the doors remained open for the Vietnamese “boat people” whom, we were told, were victims of “communist oppression”. But it’s a different call when refugees and asylum seekers are no longer of any use to the ruling class.

The New Communist Party recognises the need for any sovereign state to set an immigration policy in accordance with its resources. But we adamantly oppose any immigration policy that discriminates, either directly or indirectly, on the basis of race, creed, colour or gender. Britain must abide by the principles it claims to uphold in dealing with refugees and asylum seekers. They must be treated humanely whilst they wait for their settlement claims to be settled. The procedures must be speeded up and the dismal detention camps must go.

The New Communist Party calls for the repeal of the Immigration and Asylum Acts of the 1990s, passed by both Tory and Labour governments, which make it exceedingly difficult for many genuine asylum seekers to establish their claims.

Asylum seekers must be treated humanely and their claims dealt with swiftly. Whilst this process takes place, they must be given decent accommodation and welfare benefits to survive. No asylum seekers should be locked up unless there is good reason, with evidence, to believe they are criminals, and no child asylum seeker should ever be locked up.