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Belarus will stand by Russia

by New Worker correspondent

BELARUS says it will stand by Russia amidst growing fears that the Kiev regime is planning a new offensive against the breakaway Donbas people’s republics in eastern Ukraine. And whilst the Americans are moving towards a Biden–Putin summit in the first half of 2022, no-one doubts that their less-than-hidden hand lies behind the latest provocations of the Ukrainian government that threaten to plunge the region into all-out war.

If Russia faces aggression from Ukraine, Minsk will support Moscow, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told the Russian media this week. “If Russia faces aggression from Ukraine, we will be closely teaming up – economically, legally and politically – with Russia. This is the main thing,” Lukashenko said, stressing that he would never be “on the side of the nationalist intoxication that is taking place in Ukraine today”.

To show he means business, Lukashenko publicly declared that he would welcome the stationing of Russian nuclear arms on Belarusian soil if NATO deploys American nukes in Poland.

Last month NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that the imperialist alliance might move nuclear weapons to eastern Europe if Germany refuses to deploy them.

The Kremlin has warned the Americans and their European lackeys not to cross Russia’s ‘red lines’ in eastern Europe. Deploying nuclear weapon systems on Russia’s doorstep is clearly one of them.

This would be a clear breach of NATO’s promise not to station nuclear weapons on the territory of new members of the bloc, which was part of the peace accords between Russia and the NATO bloc that were signed in 1997.

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Stoltenberg’s remarks were “reckless” and “aimed at conflict”. The Belarusian president’s statement on the placement of Russian nuclear arms in Belarus was “a very serious warning, which is dictated, first of all, by the reckless policy pursued by the West,” Lavrov said.

Meanwhile the reactionary Polish government continues to exploit the plight of the refugees stranded on the Belarus border. This destructive policy was condemned by the Russian communist leader who told the Belarus media last month that: “Nazi-style politicians are dominating the Polish political scene. Poland is a very fertile ground for these terrible manifestations.”

Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, condemned the Poles who had fired water cannons and tear gas at the refugees. “These are civilians, people that you have invited and that have the right to come by law. Keeping people in the cold and hungry is inhumane. Why are they waging such a dirty, disgusting war against them? This is not a deadlock policy. This is a policy of destruction, including of their own civilian population. The way they treat people, children, women who, in fact, want to go to Germany, is disgusting,” he said.

The Poles were trying to undermine the Russian–Belarus Union, Zyuganov said. “Belarus is committed to good neighbourliness, full-fledged dialogue and independent development. These are the main values of any government, any responsible government. As for Poland and NATO, they, being led by the United States, destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. For 20 years they produced drugs in Afghanistan thus poisoning hundreds of thousands of people. They must answer for that.”