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Putin and Biden face-to-face

by New Worker correspondent

VLADIMIR PUTIN and Joe Biden held crisis video link talks this week to break the impasse between Russia and the USA and defuse the crisis in Ukraine. Biden and Putin held their first face-to-face meeting in a summit in Geneva in June and they spoke via phone in July.

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by New Worker correspondent

Despite the Prime Minister denouncing the practice of bosses threatening to fire and then rehire workers unless they accept cuts in pay and conditions, there have been many such disputes. A Labour Bill to outlaw the practice was ‘talked out’ in a Commons debate.

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Pay Battles

by New Worker correspondent

Naturally, old fashioned pay disputes have not, of course, gone away.

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Interesting Times

SOARING energy prices; fears of a new winter lockdown as the new Omicron Covid variant spreads through Britain, and almost daily reports in the mainstream media of the hypocrisy and sleaze that surrounds the Johnson administration. It’s not surprising that the Tory vote crashed at the Old Bexley & Sidcup by-election last week.

Although the Tories held this true-blue bastion in the commuter belt of south-east London the Conservative majority was slashed from almost 19,000 to just 4,478 votes. Reform UK, the successor to Nigel Farage’s old UKIP party, bagged 6.6 per cent of the poll and there was even a 7.4 per cent swing to Labour – though some say this was largely due to the fact that Sir Keir Starmer had not shown his face during the campaign.

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Grovelling to the White House

In the past, crawling to the Americans was almost compulsory for Tory and Labour leaders who would drone on and on about “partnership” and the “special relationship” to justify British imperialism’s slavish support of US power throughout the world. But Johnson has taken it to a new level in a bid to restore his government’s credibility in the White House.

Last week British envoys joined the Americans in a diplomatic offensive in Kiev to try and push their NATO allies into supporting more sanctions against Russia to prop-up the Ukrainian puppet regime. Now they’ve joined hands with the USA and Israel to support the continued Zionist occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights, which were captured during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

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