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Interesting Times

SOARING energy prices; fears of a new winter lockdown as the new Omicron Covid variant spreads through Britain, and almost daily reports in the mainstream media of the hypocrisy and sleaze that surrounds the Johnson administration. It’s not surprising that the Tory vote crashed at the Old Bexley & Sidcup by-election last week.

Although the Tories held this true-blue bastion in the commuter belt of south-east London the Conservative majority was slashed from almost 19,000 to just 4,478 votes. Reform UK, the successor to Nigel Farage’s old UKIP party, bagged 6.6 per cent of the poll and there was even a 7.4 per cent swing to Labour – though some say this was largely due to the fact that Sir Keir Starmer had not shown his face during the campaign.

Now we’re told of a Christmas party at Downing Street last year despite gatherings being forbidden under Covid rules at the time, and that whilst Afghan servants of British imperialism were left stranded at Kabul airport when the Taliban took over Boris Johnson personally intervened to ensure that dogs and cats of a British-run animal rescue charity were evacuated safely out of the country.

All of this is coming from sections of the bourgeois media that, until recently, were praising Johnson to the hilt. And what this shows is whilst Johnson may well have a plan to deal with another Covid upsurge, others clearly have an alternative ‘Plan B’ to push him aside before the next general election.

It’s not just the Tories Remainers – although they’ve clearly got a lot of old scores to settle with Johnson – it’s the others in the corridors of power who increasingly see Johnson as an electoral embarrassment as well as a barrier to restoring the “special relationship” with US imperialism.

Labour should be having a field day over this crisis of confidence within the ranks of the ruling class, but all Starmer seems interested is in hounding-out what’s left of the Corbynistas inside the Labour Party he claims to lead.

Anger at his incompetent and useless leadership has now spread throughout the labour movement as a whole. Sharon Graham, the new leader of Unite, has already told Starmer & Co that they can expect no more than the affiliation fees from her union in the future, and the demand to cut financial support to Labour is growing in other unions as well.