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The Fighting Fund

The Christmas surge has begun so most of this week’s post is still at the depot. What we did get this week was electronic transfers and bankers’ orders that put another £503 into the pot pushing the running total up to £2,155. We now need to raise a further £1,345 by the end of the month to hit our £3,500 target for December – and we need to do it during the heart of the festive season.

Everyone is trying to make the most during the break in lockdowns which many fear will not last long now that the new Covid variant is upon us. So think of us as you prepare your gifts – all donations, big or small, counts towards the survival of the New Worker in the New Year.

We are the only communist weekly left in Britain and we depend entirely on the support of friends and comrades who have ensured that the communist answer to the crisis is heard on the street.

Please send your donations to: