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This is the last issue of the New Worker before the two-week Xmas break.

The next issue will be out on the 7th January.

Lead story

Imperialists should beware!

by New Worker correspondent

BELARUSIAN President Alexander Lukashenko has told the imperialists that they will pay a heavy price if they continue to exploit the plight of refugees stranded on the border with Poland to undermine his government that has long been a thorn in the flesh of the Western powers. His warning comes as the courts dealt out a long prison sentence to the ring-leader of the Western-inspired protests that attempted to disrupt the presidential elections last year

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Shock Discoveries: The Poor Are Getting Poorer

by New Worker correspondent

MONDAY was a very busy day for issuing reports which demonstrated that there is a great deal of poverty in Britain and that something should be done about it. First off the mark was the trendy New Economics Foundation (NEF), who helpfully informed us that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

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Deck the halls…

THE DECORATIONS are up, the Christmas lights are on and the costumed Santas are ho, ho hoing back in the grottos of departmental stores up and down the country. But the shadow of the plague once again hovers over the land as we don on our masks and queue for booster jabs, waiting for the almost inevitable fourth lockdown in the New Year.

They tell us that this is the season of goodwill. Boris Johnson, for one, will certainly hope so now that the knives are out for him now that he’s no longer of any further use to the ruling class.

The back-stabbers include the grandees he purged in the run-up to the Brexit election of 2019 as well as those who see the scandal-ridden Tory leader as a political liability and the obstacle to restoring the “special relationship” that they believed once existed between British and American imperialism.

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