1st July 2022 US U-TURN ON ROE v WADE. Boris tries to dodge the flack. Battles ahead and won.

24th June 2022 RAIL STRIKE: WAGES BEFORE PROFITS!. Support the Rail Workers. Hobson’s choice. Make the rich pay!.

17th June 2022 UKRAINE POSITION IN AZOT PLANT HOPELESS. Summer of discontent. Anything goes with Boris.

10th June 2022 BORIS CLINGS ON. The state of the unions. Talking about Jerusalem. Poor old BoJo. Pay the Tube workers.

3rd June 2022 ZIONIST FANATICS RAID IN JERUSALEM. China’s communists through the eyes of others. Measure for Measure.

27th May 2022 BORIS BATTLES ON FOR HIS JOB.Biggest rail strike in UK’s modern history looms. No way to end the crisis.Stand by the rail workers.

20th May 2022 AZOV NAZIS SURRENDER AT AZOVSTAL.Reclaim our NHS!. Another death in Palestine.

13th May 2022 MARKING VICTORY DAY. The King’s Speech. An ill wind….

6th May 2022 PUTIN: ‘STOP UKRAINIAN WAR CRIMES’. Stopping the War in Ukraine. The great debate in Scotland.

29th April 2022 Ukrainian Nazis still hold hostages. This time is different. 56 pence and all is well. A risky business.

22nd April 2022 West pours in arms to save fascists. Free Assange! At the chalkface.

15th April 2022 Fierce fighting against fascists in the Don basin. Seafarers demand justice. The nine lives of Boris Johnson.

8th April 2022 Russia dismisses imperialist lies. Johnson’s Easter Message. Nothing new under the sun. Civil Service and other pay.

1st April 2022 Russians makes goodwill gesture. The first step… Action over P&O. Kitchen sink spies.

25th March 2022 For a world without Nazism. No to NATO, No to War! Stand by the Seafarers. Save our Ferries.

18th March 2022 Sanctions will not solve conflict in Ukraine. For a just peace in Ukraine. Academia also. What a difference a day makes…

11th March 2022 Russia insists no occupation of Ukraine. North of the Border. What does it mean to be a Communist? Victory to the Donbas! Spotlight Donbas. Ending the war. Free the Kononovich brothers.

4th March 2022 Russian forces advance – peace talks continue. Defend RT! Stand by the Donbas! Tube battles. Proud to be a Communist in the 21st Century. Reclaim the NHS!

25th February 2022 Russians sweep through Ukraine. Round two to Putin. Question more. Class war with a mop. Eye-witness Ukraine in London. What it means to be a communist in 2022.

18th February 2022 Imperialism steps back. Starmer the warmonger. Bye Bye Cressida Dick. Rubbish wages. Black Humour from a Dark Age. A New Era for World Trade. What it means to be a communist and revolutionary today.

11th February 2022 Tension rises between Ukraine and Donbas. Their crisis – we pay. Israel is an apartheid state. Construction News. Power in the Darkness.

4th February 2022 USA is stoking up the flames of war. Johnson in Wonderland. The long and winding road. Postal blues.

28th January 2022 Yemen: Houthis hit back. Boris flails around. Welcome the Year of the Tiger. High finance, low pay. A finishing school for Nazis.

21st January 2022 Knives out for Boris. Taking the road to prosperity. Taking the principled stand. Hot air and cold steel. China’s democracy that works.

14th January 2022 Uneasy calm in Kazakhstan. A walk in the garden. Street protests work. Small beer from Sainsbury’s. The King’s man returns. Tax the Rich.

7th January 2022 A major step back from nuclear war. Beating the virus. Blair gets a gong. Black lives do matter. Pay battles old and new. China, democracy, justice and the communist movement. The Red Buttons.

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