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Beating the virus

THE LIGHTS are turning off and the decorations that brightened up an otherwise sombre Christmas are coming down. Last year we were struggling to overcome the coronavirus plague that was sweeping through the world. COVID‑19 is still with us but at least some of the jabbed population have been spared this time round. But the battle to beat the coronavirus continues.

COVID‑19 is having an unprecedented effect on working life. Trade unions can play a vital role in keeping workplaces safer and keeping workers informed of their rights.

Trade unions are challenging employers and the government over inadequate sick pay offers, failure to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing, and the urgent need to safeguard jobs in disrupted industries.

Tory politicians bleat on about the need to keep the offices, factories and transport going, but this will only work with the support of the TUC and the rest of the labour movement. Boris Johnson should remember that. So should Sir Keir Starmer.