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The Fighting Fund

The December fund closed with £1,100 in the bag giving us a grand total of £3,255. We didn’t hit our target but we hope anything still floating around at the depot – and it sometimes takes two weeks or more for some of our post to arrive – will bump up the January appeal.

With Covid not many workers make New Year resolutions these days but let’s make one for the New Worker and the class to hit our £3,500 target every month and ensure the survival of the only communist weekly in Britain.

Now, more than ever, we need to get our message out on the street. With Johnson in Downing Street and Starmer at the top of the greasy pole in the Labour Party we need to make the case for communism up and down the country. There is a way out of the crisis but this government is not it.

We rely entirely on the support of friends and comrades to keep us going,

Please send your donations to