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A major step back from nuclear war

by New Worker correspondent

THE P5 five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have come together to state that war must be avoided between nuclear states. The five veto-powers on the UN Security Council – People’s China, Russia, France, Britain and the USA – have signed a joint statement pledging never to use nuclear weapons against each other and to work towards nuclear disarmament in the future. Whilst the statement doesn’t rule out nuclear attacks on smaller countries, the ‘Big Five' affirmed that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought”.

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Pay battles old and new

by New Worker correspondent

AS LAST YEAR drew to a close, the class struggle seemed to peter out somewhat. The occasion was the failure of the unions representing the majority of people working in the National Health Service to secure a majority for industrial action over a pathetic pay offer due to the turnout being too low, despite the huge demonstrations in their favour across the country at the beginning of August last year.

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China, democracy, justice and the communist movement

Last month a number of communist parties including the New Communist Party took part in an online conference organised by the Communist Party of China around the theme of Democracy, Justice, Development and Progress. This is the contribution from NCP leader Andy Brooks.

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The Red Buttons

The ironically named novel sees the end of the London & Provincial Union of Licenced Transport Workers (LPU), known as the ‘Red Button Union’. In 1919 the LPU merged with the more moderate and less democratic Amalgamated Association of Tramway & Vehicle Workers, known as the Blue Button Union, to form the United Vehicle Workers (UVW).

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Beating the virus

THE LIGHTS are turning off and the decorations that brightened up an otherwise sombre Christmas are coming down. Last year we were struggling to overcome the coronavirus plague that was sweeping through the world. COVID‑19 is still with us but at least some of the jabbed population have been spared this time round. But the battle to beat the coronavirus continues.

COVID‑19 is having an unprecedented effect on working life. Trade unions can play a vital role in keeping workplaces safer and keeping workers informed of their rights.

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Blair gets a gong

Boris Johnson can take some comfort at the continuing furore surrounding Tony Blair’s knighthood over the New Year. Another knight, Sir Keir Starmer, says 'Tony Blair deserves the honour, he won three elections, he was a very successful Prime Minister', but Blair still can’t show his face at any labour movement event.

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Black lives do matter

We can likewise take comfort at the acquittal of the four Bristol protesters charged with “criminal damage” after the statue of a prominent local slave-dealer was toppled and dumped into the harbour last summer.

The campaign to remove the statue of Edward Colston, a merchant who made a fortune out of the slave trade in the 17th Century, began in the 1920s. He was involved in the transportation of over 80,000 slaves from Africa to the New World, of which almost 10,000 were children. An estimated 19,000 died on ships bound for the Caribbean and the Americas

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