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A walk in the garden

THE PROBLEM that most incorrigible liars have is their inability to distinguish reality from their own fantasies. Boris Johnson admits he was at a Downing Street lockdown garden party and gives a grovelling apology, but still seems unaware that the game’s up for his premiership.

But this isn’t about the genuine wave of outrage at the latest revelations about parties in Downing Street whilst the rest of us were living under the Covid lockdown regime. Nor is it really about lying in Parliament, though this is, to be sure, frowned on by the grandees on both sides of the House as it gives them all a bad name.

What it really boils down to is the fact that the key players amongst the ruling class within the corridors of power have no further use for Boris Johnson. He’s incapable of restoring the ‘special relationship’ with US imperialism let alone building a post-Brexit understanding with Franco-German imperialism. His antics have become an embarrassment and he’s an electoral liability that needs to be replaced before the next general election. Even Sir Keir Starmer is calling on Johnson to go and it’s not often that he gets things right.

As usual, however, Starmer is incapable of exploiting the political crisis for Labour’s benefit. Although Labour is ahead, for once, in the opinion polls, this is only down to Tory disaffection with their own leader rather than any genuine swing to Labour. No-one knows what Starmer stands for apart from supporting Israel and loathing the Corbynistas.

Johnson clearly is on his way out, but there are plenty of leading Tory wannabees ready and able to take Johnson’s place to lead their party into the next election. Starmer also needs to go but who is going to replace him?