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Uneasy calm in Kazakhstan

by New Worker correspondent

AN UNEASY CALM has returned to the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan following a week of riots that pushed the country to the brink of civil war. The draconian price hikes have been suspended for six months. The hastily despatched Russian-led peace-keeping force is preparing to leave, and the government is trying to pick up the pieces following days of looting and violence that ended with 18 law enforcement.

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Small beer from Sainsbury’s

by New Worker correspondent

RETAIL union USDAW recently issued a press release proudly announcing that it has “won at least £10 per hour basic rate for Sainsbury’s and Argos shopworkers in a ground-breaking pay deal – another step forward for the union’s New Deal for Workers campaign”.

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The King’s man returns

Review by Ben Soton

WHAT HAVE a Zulu warrior fighting with Rasputin to the tune of the 1812 overture, Mata Hari seducing Woodrow Wilson, and VI Lenin accepting the abdication of Nicholas II got in common? Firstly, they never happened and secondly, they all feature in 'The King’s Man', a film I have been waiting almost two years to see.

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Tax the Rich

by John Maryon

BRITAIN’S bloated capitalists will have heaved a huge sigh of relief when Jeremy Corbyn was removed as Labour Party leader, in the sure understanding that they would now continue to get richer as the poor get poorer.

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A walk in the garden

THE PROBLEM that most incorrigible liars have is their inability to distinguish reality from their own fantasies. Boris Johnson admits he was at a Downing Street lockdown garden party and gives a grovelling apology, but still seems unaware that the game’s up for his premiership.

But this isn’t about the genuine wave of outrage at the latest revelations about parties in Downing Street whilst the rest of us were living under the Covid lockdown regime. Nor is it really about lying in Parliament, though this is, to be sure, frowned on by the grandees on both sides of the House as it gives them all a bad name.

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Street protests work

The Israeli Elbit arms factory in Oldham has closed following a sustained campaign by Palestine Action that has cost the company millions of pounds worth of damages. Whilst Elbit simply say they’ve sold the plant as part of their restructuring strategy in the UK, the Palestine campaigners say it was their prolonged campaign that forced their hand.

The Elbit Ferranti factory in Oldham is one of ten owned by Elbit in the UK. A majority of it was sold to British firm TT Electronics for £9 million. The Elbit Group makes drones and is responsible for 80 per cent of Israel’s military drones. The Israeli company’s products have been used to target Palestinians in Gaza and equip Israel’s apartheid wall with surveillance technology.

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