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Knives out for Boris

by New Worker correspondent

THE KNIVES are out for the Prime Minister as dissident Tories step up their efforts to force Johnson to resign. Mounting anger on the street over the latest revelations about parties in Downing Street, whilst the rest of us were living under virtual house arrest during the Covid-19 lock-down regime, has spilled over to the Tory backbenches – one of them spectacularly defecting to Labour this week. The turn-coat, Christian Wakeford, is one of the “red wall” Tory MPs who took Bury South from Labour at the last election. He is the first Conservative MP to cross the aisle to Labour in 15 years.

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Hot air and cold steel

by New Worker correspondent

ON MONDAY it was announced that £700 million had been raised in an auction for 17 seabed plots for huge wind power developments around the northern Scottish coasts. They were sold off by Crown Estates Scotland in the first leasing round since 2012. The proceeds are going into the coffers of the SNP government.

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China’s democracy that works

by John Maryon

THE OUTSTANDING economic growth and progressive political development of People’s China have been impressive and dramatic. With a civilisation extending back over 5000 years the country has entered a period of rapid development. It is now just over 100 years since the Chinese Communist Party was formed and 73 years since Mao Zedong was able to proclaim the People’s Republic of China at an historic gathering in Tiananmen Square.

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Taking the road to prosperity

SYRIA TOOK a further step along the road to economic recovery when it signed up to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) last week – a move which will help the defiant Arab republic break out of the shackles of the American blockade and create new opportunities for co-operation with People’s China and other countries in the Third World.

The BRI was launched in 2013 to build a trade, investment and infrastructure network connecting Asia with other parts of the world along the ancient Silk Road trade routes and beyond. Since then, the BRI has promoted economic prosperity and sustainable development..

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Taking the principled stand

Top tennis players are not known for championing human rights unless their own personal liberty is threatened. Look at Novak Djokovic, the vain anti-vaxxer who even claimed he was upholding free speech and human rights during his failed bid to remain in Australia to defend his title in the Australian Open.

So it was good to see another more modest man, Andy Murray, turn down immense amounts of Saudi money when he refused to take part in exhibition matches in the feudal Arab kingdom because of “what’s gone on” in the country over human rights issues.

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