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USA is stoking up the flames of war

by our European Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA accused US imperialism of deliberately stoking up the Ukrainian crisis to lure Russia into war this week after the Biden administration rejected Russian demands for a NATO guarantee not to expand eastwards into Ukraine and Georgia. The Kremlin says the West broke a promise it gave to the old Soviet government in 1990 not to expand NATO beyond the confines of a re-united Germany. But that pledge went out of the window following the counter-revolutions that led to the collapse of the USSR and the downfall of all the governments of the people’s republics in eastern Europe.

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Postal blues

by New Worker correspondent

RECENTLY this correspondent’s local franchised Post Office counter vanished and the space replaced with a fast-food outlet selling hot dogs and sausage rolls, which soon became the rival to MacDonalds as the de facto schools meals service of a nearby secondary school.

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Johnson in Wonderland

BORIS Johnson didn’t amount to much when he was Foreign Minister in Theresa May’s government. His seemingly trivial approach to international diplomacy led the Russians to compare him unflatteringly with his famous Victorian counterpart, calling him Britain’s 'New Palmerston'. Few took him seriously and it is even said that President Sisi of Egypt walked out of a meeting with Johnson simply because the conversation did not get beyond the usual pleasantries.

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The long and winding road

Sad to see that Ken Livingstone, who was hounded out of the Labour Party by the Blairites and Zionists, has applied to join the Greens instead. Some will argue that there was nowhere else for him to go. Others that the Greens are indeed a genuinely left alternative to Labour.

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