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USA is stoking up the flames of war

by our European Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA accused US imperialism of deliberately stoking up the Ukrainian crisis to lure Russia into war this week after the Biden administration rejected Russian demands for a NATO guarantee not to expand eastwards into Ukraine and Georgia. The Kremlin says the West broke a promise it gave to the old Soviet government in 1990 not to expand NATO beyond the confines of a re-united Germany. But that pledge went out of the window following the counter-revolutions that led to the collapse of the USSR and the downfall of all the governments of the people’s republics in eastern Europe.

The reactionaries who soon took over in eastern Europe rushed to seek NATO protection. So did the former Soviet republics in the Baltic. But the Russians drew a red line with Ukraine. Now they want a pledge from NATO that it will not expand further and will not install offensive weapons systems inside Ukraine. The Americans categorically refuse to give any such undertakings whilst threatening Russia with sweeping sanctions should it invade Ukraine. But according to the Spanish media the Americans are prepared to sign some sort of security agreement with Russia.

Anglo-US imperialism is focusing on a claimed build-up of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border and the start of joint manoeuvres with Belarus that they fear could be the prelude for intervention. But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stresses that Moscow “does not want war” and is ready to hold talks with Kiev.

The Americans are currently flying $200 million worth of weapons and other “lethal aid” to the puppet regime in Kiev and some 8,500 US troops are on standby to enter Ukraine in any future conflict that country. The British government says the Kremlin is planning to intervene to replace the Kiev government with puppets of their own whilst trying to forge its own anti-Russian bloc in eastern Europe with the support of Poland and the Baltic states. But some of America’s key European allies are refusing to take the US lead. The Germans are refusing to send more arms to Ukraine whilst the French are calling for new talks and mediation with Russia to end the crisis.

There were angry exchanges at the United Nations HQ in New York after the US envoy, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, called on the Security Council to take seriously the risks allegedly posed by what she called Russia’s aggressive and destabilising behaviour.

This was dismissed by the Russian UN ambassador as an unacceptable interference into Russia’s domestic affairs and an attempt to “mislead the international community” on what was really happening in the region.

Vassily Nebenzia blamed the USA for the crisis, which he said could be traced back to the overthrow of the Ukrainian government by “nationalists, radicals, Russophobes and pure Nazis” in 2014 with the support of the Western powers.

Nebenzia pointed out that the USA has so far failed to provide any evidence to back up claims of a planned Russian attack on Ukraine.

He said statements about an alleged possible war were a “fiction” and expressed concerns that the USA actually wants them to come true. “Talks about the coming war are provocative by themselves. [The USA] seems to be calling for this, wanting and waiting for [war] to happen, as if you want to make your speculations come true,” Nebenzia said.