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Tension rises between Ukraine and Donbas

by our European Affairs correspondent

TENSION continues to rise along the cease-fire line between Ukraine and the breakaway people’s republics of the Donbas following the downing of a Ukrainian drone by the anti-fascist militias whilst Franco-German diplomatic efforts continue to try to defuse the crisis in eastern Europe.

French President Emmanuel Macron flew to Russia to meet Vladimir Putin whilst German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held talks with US President Joseph Biden in Washington this week. Although nothing much has emerged publicly from these talks, the French say that the Moscow summit was positive; and the Russians are hinting that their security guarantees might be met if the Western powers fully complied with the Minsk peace agreement on the Donbas, along with a Ukrainian declaration of neutrality that would keep it out of NATO and its recognition of Crimea’s secession and subsequent admission to the Russian Federation.

Back on the front-line in eastern Ukraine, forces of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) electronically intercepted a Ukrainian army drone and forced it to land on their territory last week.

The drone would have been used to guide artillery fire onto targets in the Donbas. The use of military aircraft and drones is a breach of the Minsk agreements, and the use of artillery would violate the existing ceasefire.


Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s grandstanding visit to Kiev has, as usual, achieved nothing. It didn’t distract public opinion at home nor did it impress the Americans. It was met with indifference in the chancelleries of Europe, and it only reinforced the Russian perception that Johnson is just an errand boy for the Biden administration. Now, even the planned talks in the Kremlin with Foreign Minister Liz Truss appear to have been put on hold by the Russians.

In Washington the hawks seem to be in charge in the White House amidst reports that the Americans are planning to supply more arms. including US THAAD anti-ballistic systems, to their Ukrainian puppets – a move denounced as “blackmail” in the Kremlin.

“Everything happening in terms of pumping Ukraine with equipment, ammunition, military hardware including lethal weapons is an attempt to put additional political pressure on us, as well as probably military technical pressure,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said, adding that Moscow had urged the Americans to avoid any “stupidity” on the matter.

This week Russian communist leader Gennady Zyuganov called on the Russian and Ukrainian people to unite and defeat the plans of the imperialists.

“The later-day enslavers are pouring sweet balm into the ears of the Ukrainian ‘elite’, promising it a place ‘at the common European table’. In reality, our beloved Ukraine faces the threat of devastation and of becoming a mandate territory. The selfish Anglo-Saxons, like the Nazis, need a protectorate whose population and resources could be thrown into the furnace of international adventures. They have no need for an ‘independent Ukraine’,” the Chair of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said.

“The Western rulers seek to set the Russians and Ukrainians against each other. The dregs of the universe have more than once provoked conflicts when each drop of the blood shed ended up in the pocket of Uncle Sam in the shape of gold coins. Just recently the once prosperous multi-national Yugoslavia was torn apart. Now Washington repeats the mantra of an ‘inevitable’ war with Russia…

“The West’s aim is to rob and enslave Ukraine in order to continue to confront Russia and dictate its will to the world.

“The insane dream of Washington hawks is a fratricidal war between our peoples. Behind the smokescreen of a ‘Moscow invasion’ the world oligarchy is stepping up its anti-Russia project and is staging dangerous provocations. Trumpeting Russia’s readiness to attack Ukraine, the USA and NATO are pumping its Bandera rulers with arms. The conquerors’ tactic is as old as the world. Opposing it, talented Russians and Ukrainians have passionately called for friendship and cohesion.”