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The Fighting Fund

The fighting fund rose by £565 this week thanks to a £50 donation from a Bristol comrade, £50 from another in Deal, £20 from a supporter in Hereford, £15 from another in north London and a tenner from a Greek comrade. The running total for the month now stands at £1,732 and we need £1,768 to hit our £3,500 month target.

The bourgeois media churns out lies 24/7. They tell us that the puppet regime in Ukraine is a haven of democracy and that NATO stands for peace. Tell that to the Arabs and the Serbs and all the other victims of imperialism!

We do our bit to counter this barrage of disinformation with the New Worker – the only communist weekly in the country. Help us in our work by guaranteeing the continued publication of the New Worker. Raising funds, winning new readers and supporting our initiatives – these are steps that help build the movement for peace and socialism.

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