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Eye-witness Ukraine in London

by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 40 activists attended a meeting on central London last Saturday to see UK photographer and journalist Dean O’Brien showing photos of the Donbas, speaking on his experiences there and answering questions.

The meeting almost didn’t take place, however, after the Ukrainian Embassy in London contacted Greene King Pubs and told them it had been organised by “supporters of Russian-backed terrorists”.

As a result the original venue was cancelled, followed by a pro-Ukrainian twitter mob bombarding Greene King Pubs and threatening to turn up at the original venue.

An alternative venue was found at the last minute and a highly successful meeting took place. Dean’s photos and talk covering history trips to Ukraine before the February 2014 EU-NATO-sponsored coup and several subsequent trips to the rebel-held republics in Eastern Ukraine was highly appreciated by everyone present.

The meeting, chaired by the NCP’s Theo Russell, also provided an opportunity to discuss the highly dangerous current situation in and around Ukraine, and a lively discussion about campaigning in solidarity with all Ukrainian anti-fascists including those on both sides of the front-line, and the hundreds of thousands driven into exile by the current fascist-ridden US puppet government in Kiev.

Dean said that on his first trip to Kiev in 2008 he saw fascist marches, German WW2 uniforms and flags, Hitler’s Mein Kampf and SS books being sold on the streets.

He has recently been interviewed twice on these topics on George Galloway’s Mother of all Talk Shows programme on Russia Today. A full report on Dean’s talk will appear New Worker next week.