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The Fighting Fund

This week’s donations to the fighting fund came £732 pushing the needle up to £2,464 . We now need to raise £1,036 by the end of the month to hit our target in February.

As the Ukrainian crisis deepens the threat to peace grows. All sorts of nonsense is appearing in the bourgeois press to justify more sanctions against Russia and direct intervention in some form or another in Ukraine. The most reactionary and aggressive circles within the American ruling class are clamouring for confrontation with Russia. They can count on the backing of Boris Johnson whose crawling to the White House is shamefully endorsed by Sir Keith Starmer and his Blairite pals. The bourgeois media churns out lies 24/7. We have to do our best to counter it. You can help by guaranteeing the continued publication of the New Worker. Keep us going – get the communist message back on the street!

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