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Russians sweep through Ukraine

by our European Affairs correspondent

THE RUSSIANS are sweeping through Ukraine in a lightning campaign that began with a wave of air raids on Ukrainian military bases all over the country on Thursday. The imperialists are stepping up their efforts to diplomatically isolate the Kremlin and piling on more economic sanctions against Russia. But at the UN Security Council an American call for the immediate withdrawal of all Russian troops was vetoed by Russia with People’s China, India and the United Arab Emirates abstaining.

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Class war with a mop

by New Worker correspondent

THE ORIGIN of the phrase ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ has long been debated. It does not actually appear in the Bible, but it is often credited to John Wesley, who founded the Methodists in the 18th Century. Our concern, however, is not with theological niceties but with recent struggles involving cleaning and related staff.

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Eye-witness Ukraine in London

by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 40 activists attended a meeting on central London last Saturday to see UK photographer and journalist Dean O’Brien showing photos of the Donbas, speaking on his experiences there and answering questions.

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What it means to be a communist in 2022

by Theo Russell

A thorough understanding of Marxist-Leninist theory and philosophy – of dialectics, which is a materialist, scientific and multi-faceted view of the world. This includes a thorough knowledge of the contributions of Stalin, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and other revolutionary thinkers.

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Round two to Putin

RUSSIA’S intervention in Ukraine will, hopefully, mark the beginning of the end of a crisis that was entirely the product of imperialist intrigue.

In 2014 Anglo‑American and Franco‑German imperialism brought down the elected government of Ukraine. They propped up a fascist regime in Kiev that has banned communist and other left-wing movements, in pursuit of violent sectarianism that forced the Crimean republic to secede and the people of eastern Ukraine to take up the gun and proclaim their independence.

These days the Ukrainian government is little more than a US protectorate. Its refusal to implement the Minsk accords and its endless breaches of the cease-fire agreements could only have happened with the blessing of its American mentor.

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Question more

SIR KEIR STARMER is calling for a ban on the Russia Today (RT) TV station as part of his self-appointed role as cheer-leader for imperialist aggression. The Labour leader says RT is pumping out “misinformation” and pro-Putin “propaganda” and therefore it should have its broadcasting licence withdrawn.

Starmer first raised this demand two years ago. This time he’s got the backing of Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, who is peeved at the fact that her nationalist rival, Alex Salmond, has a regular slot on the Russian channel.

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