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The Fighting Fund

Its been a hectic week at the Centre with war breaking out in Eastern Europe and a printer fault that stopped publication of our paper for a week. An emergency reduced size black and white edition was sent to a high street printer and 20 trial copies produced. Fortunately we didn’t have to use them as our machine has now been repaired. Any subscriber who has not received last week’s New Worker (2149) should contact us and we’ll put one in the post for you by return.

This week’s post brought in £421 but we are extending the February appeal for another week because of the delays. The February appeal now stands at £2,885 and we need £615 to hit our target for the month.

Now that the guns are blazing in Ukraine we have to do our best to counter the lies of the bourgeois media and build solidarity with the people of the Donbas who are fighting for their freedom.

You can help by guaranteeing the continued publication of the New Worker. Keep us going – get the communist message back on the street!

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