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Ending the war

BACK IN the ‘good old days’ the rich lived in palatial mansions surrounded by armies of servants whilst kids crawled up chimneys and millions of workers lived in hovels. The British Empire spanned the globe. Britain and the other European powers carved up Africa and most of Asia to loot and plunder and anyone who dared to oppose them was inevitably dubbed insane. There was the ‘Mad Mahdi’ who held the red-coats at bay for a few years in the Sudan, the ‘Mad Mullah’ who led the Somali resistance to British and Italian colonialism, and the endless ‘Mad Fenians’ who, like all the rest, were clearly ‘mad’ to think they could take on the might of the British imperialism and win.

It still goes on today. Saddam Hussein was ‘mad’, so was Muammar Gaddafi, and now we’re told the same about Vladimir Putin. Even the self-styled papers of record that hardly anyone reads these days repeat these childish jibes which, if it were true, would make any future negotiations with the Russian leader pointless. But in the end, there will have to be talks and these talks, whether the imperialists like it or not, will have to accept that the only way to end the fighting is to agree to a neutralised Ukraine and Crimea’s accession to the Russian Federation along with recognition of the independence of the Donbas republics.