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The Fighting Fund

Supporters responded to the call last week with donations that totalled £810. Many thanks to all the comrades including the Southall supporter who sent in £200 and a good friend from Essex who sent in two contributions totalling £80. An East Anglian reader gave £60 and another from Bristol sent in £50. A reader in Hereford sent in a score and a Dagenham supporter chipped in with £50. The February appeal topped our £3,695 target with £3,695 in the pot!

Its been another hectic week at the Centre but we are more or less back on track now that our press has been repaired and we’re hard at work campaigning in solidarity with the Donbas freedom fighters and all the anti-fascist forces in Ukraine.

Get us heard on the street by keeping our presses rolling. Every pound helps in the struggle for peace and socialism. Please send donations to: