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National News

Piracy on the High Seas

by New Worker correspondent

THE HEADING in the Daily Telegraph said it all: “P&O’s owner has made Britain’s most militant union look like the good guys.” Thus, even the most loyal Tory rag denounced the actions of ferry company P&O, which suddenly announced to 800 of its staff via a pre-recorded Zoom call last week that it was: “sorry to inform you that your employment is terminated with immediate effect on grounds of redundancy. Your final day of employment is today.”

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

LAST SUNDAY was Scotland’s Census Day. This was postponed from last year. Although the SNP said the pandemic forced the postponement, the Census was able to go ahead elsewhere in the UK without any trouble. Wiser heads suspect it was postponed simply to be different.

Needless to say, not everyone was pleased with the questions. In Edinburgh protests took place outside the National Records of Scotland building, whose railings were decorated with suffragette ribbons. Feminist campaigners from the ‘For Women Scotland’ group complained that: “This year’s census includes guidance that the question ‘What is your sex?’ does not have to be answered with what is recorded on your birth certificate. This self-ID of sex destroys the accurate collection of data on Scotland’s population, information that is vital for equality monitoring and planning of services.” Census guidance also said that parents are able to choose a gender identity for children as young as two years old.

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Bean Counting

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

Scotland’s Auditor General, Stephen Boyle, has been looking into the whereabouts of £millions of business support money doled out during the pandemic and found few details.

About £4.4 billion worth of grants and rate relief to Scottish businesses were handed out from the start of the pandemic two years ago and last October. This outdoor relief for capitalism was topped off late last year with another £375 million when Omicron stole Christmas.

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Saltire or satire?

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

One should not be too harsh on the SNP however, as they obviously have far more important things to worry about than the odd missing billion or two. One of these urgent matters is college humour.

The Saint, published by the St Andrews University student body, carried an article which said that Nicola Sturgeon would “put Beelzebub off his cornflakes” and that Sturgeon would be “turned away at the door” of hell for “being too scary”.

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International News

The world’s biggest bully

by Guo Yage

THE AMERICANS dumbfounded the world again earlier this week after they had the brass neck to pitch themselves as the ones standing “on the side of the rules-based order” on the Ukraine issue and accuse others of violating “the basic tenet that big countries cannot bully small countries”.

Apparently, it never crossed their minds to look in the mirror before speaking out. The reflection would be appalling: a bellicose history of overseas military intervention and covert subversion.

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The racist double standards of the West

by Wu Chaolan

THE RUSSIA–UKRAINE conflict has garnered widespread attention across the globe. The wall-to-wall coverage and outpouring of reactions to the conflict from the West has raised eyebrows at its double standards toward other humanitarian crises, which has unsheathed flagrant racist and biased attitudes toward the value of non-white lives that also matter.

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Ukraine conflict: What does Operation “Z” mean?

by Andrei Mihailov

THE Z MARKING, which one may see painted on Russian military vehicles in Ukraine, has become one of the most talked-about symbols lately. The white Z markings on Russian tanks and infantry vehicles have given a name to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine – ‘Operation Z’ – and the day when Putin ordered to begin the operation was dubbed as ‘Day Z’. But what does the Z stand for?

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China and Cuba: Good friends for many years


LION DANCES and martial arts livened up Havana’s Chinatown with an air of joy last week, with hundreds of Havana residents joining in to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Chinese arrival in Cuba.

In 1847 the first Chinese immigrants stepped on Cuban soil, starting their integration into local society. After 175 years, the Chinese community has become an inseparable part of this Latin American country.

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Learning English in Syria

by Inas Abdulkareem

“TEACHING is a humanitarian message more than a profession.” That is the motto of the ‘English for Syria’ educational team – a voluntary initiative to teach English during the holidays in the region of the Damascus countryside, for schools that suffer from a shortage of English language teachers.

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Asia now the centre of the world’s economy

by Guo Shuang & Martina Fuchs

FORMER Liberal-Democrat leader Vince Cable has urged the West to accept that the centre of gravity of the world’s economy has moved to Asia.

“We have to accept that this is a new reality, and the mentality has to change. The centre of gravity of the world’s economy has moved to Asia,” said Cable, who served as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills from 2010–2015 during David Cameron’s Tory-led Coalition Government.

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What is happening in Ukraine?

by VN Tetekin

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

MANY COMRADES are asking about the character of hostilities in Ukraine. The assessment prevalent so far has been imposed by the Western media. By now however, the nature of the Russian Armed Forces operation to liberate Ukraine from Nazism has become apparent. What prompted the start of the special operation?

Beginning in December 2021 Russia had been receiving data on NATO’s plans to deploy troops and missile bases in Ukraine. Simultaneously an onslaught on the territory of Donbas was being prepared.

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USA: What’s going on in the working class

by Larry Holmes

“In the absence of organisation, working people do not constitute a class but rather an incoherent mass, scattered over the whole country and broken up by their mutual competition.”

The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx & Frederick Engels

TO ALL who consider themselves to be communist, socialist or leftist, no matter what issue you’ve been organising around, no doubt you’ve taken note of the new level of activity in the US working class starting six months ago with ‘Striketober’. The organising drives at Starbucks and Amazon are the most prominent reflection of what’s happening; but there are hundreds if not thousands of other examples of workers organising nationally and locally.

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