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The Fighting Fund

A bumper postbag with £976 pushes the running total to £2,396 thanks to supporters all over the UK including £50 from an Eastbourne reader, another £50 from an old friend in Essex and yet another £50 from a supporter in Carlisle. A Cornish reader sent in a tenner. A Southall comrade donated £100. A reader in Larkhall, Scotland gave us a tenner So did a London Korean solidarity activist. We got £4 from a Camberwell supporter and £2 from another in Bournemouth. We now need £1,104 to hit our target for March.

Every week we play our part in countering the sickening lies of the bourgeois media and the confusion spread by the bogus left over the conflict in Ukraine and a host of other matters as well.That’s why we need the communist press and why we need the New Worker. We are the only communist weekly in Britain. Keep our presses rolling!

Every pound helps in the struggle for peace and socialism. Please send donations to