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Russia dismisses imperialist lies

by our European Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA has angrily dismissed imperialist claims of war-crimes that the Ukrainians say took place when the Kiev region was in Russian hands, demanding a full debate at the UN Security Council that began mid-week after being repeatedly stalled by the British delegation.

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Civil Service and other pay

by New Worker correspondent

THE THREE main Civil Service unions have united in opposing the Government’s recently announced pay framework, the Pay Remit Guidance, which applies to all UK departments, agencies and non-departmental public bodies, and formally excludes the devolved assemblies.

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Johnson’s Easter Message

SPRING IS in the air and with it come soaring energy bills, tax hikes and rising inflation. This is the reality of Tory Britain under Boris Johnson.

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Nothing new under the sun

THE BOURGEOIS lie-machine always goes into top gear in times of conflict. When Germany invaded Belgium in 1914, we were fed all sorts of stories about the bestial invaders who routinely raped nuns and used babies for bayonet practice whilst being told to take comfort in the support of the Supreme Being whose heavenly hosts intervened to stave off a British rout at the Battle of Mons.

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