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Johnson’s Easter Message

SPRING IS in the air and with it come soaring energy bills, tax hikes and rising inflation. This is the reality of Tory Britain under Boris Johnson.

In the past, Labour leaders would be hammering the Government for crucifying the weak and the poor. These days we have to make do with the usual platitudes about “windfall” taxes and “energy rationing” from Starmer & Co. There’s no talk about re-nationalising the energy industry let alone restoring the old public sector and welfare state that Labour maintained until 1979.

Rather than trying to mobilise the workers to defend the living standards of the millions Labour claims to represent, Starmer spends his time drumming more Corbynistas out of the party and supporting pro-NATO marches in the mistaken belief that this will win over the people of a ‘middle England’ that only exists in the imagination of his Blairite minders.

Rather than listening to the millions of workers in the affiliated unions that keep the Labour show on the road, Starmer prefers to heed the advice of his media gurus who conjure up childish and ineffectual campaign slogans because they believe working people are as stupid as themselves.

Many Labour supporters, including those from the traditional right-wing of the party, rightly say that Starmer is a useless campaigner who will have to go when he loses the next general election. Under current rules that’s not due until 2025. We can’t wait that long. Starmer must go now!