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National News

The Tassel struggle

by New Worker correspondent

A SMALL street union is seeking a judicial review against a major city council that has voted effectively to abolish its members jobs, a move which the union argues is discriminatory against women and which breaches the Equality Act

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Battle of the burgers

by New Worker correspondent

IN CONTRAST, the tiny non-TUC union the Inde- pendent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) have completed a 100-day strike after courier firm JustEat subcontractor Stuart Delivery (which is owned by the French-owned postal service) cut the base rate of pay by almost a quarter in December.

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Londoners protest against energy hike

by New Worker correspondent

LONDONERS took to the streets in the heart of the capital last week- end protesting against soaring energy prices and the increased cost of living. Thousands more took part in sim- ilar protests called by the People’s Assem- bly movement in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and many other cities.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

ScotRail, the railway franchise formerly run by the Dutch state rail- way company Abellio, has, at long last, been renationalised by the Scottish government. Rail unions welcomed this, something they have long fought for. Rail union RMT warned, however, that: “Scotland’s rail network has an essential role to play in reducing carbon emis- sions and meeting the Scottish Government’s climate change goals.”

The Scottish parlia- ment has gone on its Easter holidays. This will be a great relief to Nicola Sturgeon, who will gain a temporary relief from having to answer awk- ward questions about the unbuilt ferries.

The SNP are getting other aspects of their industrial policy tied in knots. Whilst the unbuilt ferries were supposed to herald an industrial renaissance, they have quietly seemed to have abandon any hopes that green energy will be its other pillar.

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International News

Johnson fuelling the fire in Ukraine

by Oleg Burunov

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly told his ministers that he wants to provide Ukraine with anti-ship missiles to keep Russia from taking control of the Ukrainian port of Odessa as part of Moscow’s ongoing special military operation in the country.

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How the Americans pushed Ukraine into war

by Vyacheslav Tetekin, Communist Party of the Russian Federation

THE RUSSIAN ARMY operation in Ukraine has revealed the important circumstances that led to the current development of events. It becomes clear that Ukraine has been prepared for war for a long time. More accurately, it was prepared for war a long time ago. Along with that, on the basis of a similarity of events that happened in another time and in another part of the world, one can talk about the standard model used by the USA to achieve its geopolitical goals.

For many, Russia’s actions in Ukraine seem unexpected. Russia was purposefully brought into this situation, however. It all started with a coup in Ukraine in February 2014, when extremely anti-Russian forces came to power in Kiev with the support of the USA and local neo-Nazis.

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COVID‑19: USA’S dismal record

by G Dunkel

WITH NEARLY a mil- lion deaths the USA disparages China’s COVID-19 policy – but look at the 20th March figures from Worldometer for the USA and China, including Hong Kong. The USA has officially recorded 997,845 deaths. The real figure is certainly higher because deaths due to COVID-19 are often unreported.

In the USA, a capitalist country, the approach to controlling the pandemic was remarkably incoherent. It exposed a lack of racial and economic justice and was stained by all sorts of quackery over supposed remedies – hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were the two most promoted “cures”. Many decisions were made to preserve businesses and their profits.

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