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The Fighting Fund

This week’s postbag brought in a much needed £743 that pushed the running total to £1,364. We now need to raise a further £2,136 in the run-up to May Day to hit our target for the month. Now, more than ever, we need to be on the streets building solidarity with the people of the Donbas who threw off the fascist yoke and the Palestinian Arabs fighting for their freedom in the Middle East. We need to make the case for communism and put the communist answer to the capitalist crisis back on the working class agenda. We need to clear the careerists, bureaucrats and fake lefters out of the labour movement to build the resistance to the austerity regime.

The New Worker comes out every week with news of the struggles at home and throughout the world. Help us counter the disinformation in the mainstream media and the confusion spread by the bogus left that help to serve the interests of the exploiters and oppressors who rule the Western world. We need the communist press. We need the New Worker. We need £3,500 a month to keep our presses rolling!

Big or small, every pound helps on the financial front. Please send donations to: