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The Fighting Fund

We got another fist-full of money this week – £755 that pushes the monthly running total to £2,119 thanks to the Southampton reader that topped up his sub renewal with another £50, £20 from a disabled Unite the Union member in Manchester, a fiver from a Dagenham supporter and £30 from a regular contributor in Essex. We now need £1,381 to hit our target for April.

As the crowds return to celebrate May Day we’ll be there building solidarity with the people of the Donbas and the anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine. We’ll be there for the Palestinian Arabs fighting for their freedom against Zionist oppression and we’ll be their for the millions building socialism in the people’s republics of Asia and the island of Cuba and the millions more struggling for peace and socialism all over the world. Kick he bureaucrats, careerists and fake lefters out of the labour movement! Help us put the communist case back on the map in Britain!

The New Worker comes out every week with news of the struggles at home and throughout the world. Help us counter the disinformation of the bourgeois media and the confusion spread by the bogus left that help to serve the interests of the exploiters and oppressors who rule the Western world. We need the communist press. We need the New Worker. We need £3,500 a month to keep our presses rolling!

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