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The Fighting Fund

We got a bumper May Day postbag this week – full of donations that came to a stomping £1,384 that hit the target with £3 to spare!

Many thanks to all who got us there including the regular contributor from Essex who sent in two cheques of £30 a piece and the two Manchester supporters who both sent in tenners.

We’re getting back on the street and hopefully helping to get the message across that there is an answer to the crisis – and that is socialism.

The New Worker is the only communist weekly in Britain. It comes out every week with news of the struggles at home and throughout the world. Help us counter the lies of the bourgeois media and the confusion spread by the bogus left that help to serve the interests of the exploiters and oppressors who rule the Western world. We need the communist press. We need the New Worker. We need £3,500 a month to keep our presses rolling!

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