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The Fighting Fund

The May fighting fund kicked off with £1,005 in the bag boosted by a generous donation of £500 from a supporter who lives in a former Soviet republic and a number of contribu­tions from friends old and new that includes £50 in toto from a supporter in Essex, £25 from another in Carlisle, £20 from a long-standing reader in Deal, a tenner from Manchester and £6 from a comrade in Cornwall. We now need £2,495 to hit our target for the month.

Our communist weekly is part of the anti-imperialist front that is countering the barrage of imperialist lies that we get round the clock in Britain. Help us counter the disinformation of the bourgeois media and the confusion spread by the bogus left that serves the interests of the exploiters and oppressors who rule the Western world. We need the communist press. We need the New Worker. We need £3,500 a month to keep our presses rolling!

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