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by our European Affairs correspondent

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE took to the streets on Monday at Victory Day parades and ceremonies in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation and the other former Soviet republics, to remember those who died in the Second World War. They were joined by the people of the liberated areas of Ukraine who, for the first time for many years, were able publicly to celebrate the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

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The King’s Speech

by New Worker correspondent

THE LONG-RUNNING local government equal pay dispute in Glasgow that was supposed to be settled with a £500 million deal in 2019 is likely to result in strike action. Two of the three unions involved, GMB and Unison, have voted for strike action to prevent backsliding by the SNP council whose election in 2017 was partly secured by promising to resolve the issue. The third union, Unite, is currently in the process of balloting. Most recently, 52.5 per cent of Unison members voted by 96 per cent for further strike action.

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An ill wind…

THEY SAY it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good and that’s certainly true of last week’s local elections. Labour kicked the Tories out of three of their London strongholds but fared badly in the rest of the country. Dissident Tories turned, as was to be expected, to the Liberal Democrats and the Greens to vent their anger at rising prices and soaring inflation, whilst the solid vote for the Scottish nationalists and Sinn Féin’s stunning victory in northern Ireland only adds to Johnson’s grief.

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