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The Fighting Fund

We’re two weeks into the May campaign with new donations that came to £570 that’s pushed the needle up to £1,575 for the month. Many thanks to those who helped us on our way like the veteran Essex supporter who sent in £30, the comrade in Hammerwich who gave £40, a Yorkshire reader who PayPalled £30 and another from Bristol who transferred £50. We now need to raise £1,925 to hit the £3,500 target by the end of May.

Soaring energy bills, rising prices it can’t get any worse can it? Well it can and it certainly will as far as the ruling class is concerned. They are determined to place the burden of the capitalist slump entirely on the shoulders of the workers and they will unless we stop them. Our communist weekly is part of the fight-back against the austerity regime. Help us build it and keep the communist press going by sending your donations to the New Worker fighting fund.

Please send donations to: